Board Member

We contracted with Your HOA back in January 2020. At the time, our voluntary 5 member HOA Board was dealing with all finances, maintenance and violations in a 200+ community. It was not manageable with just the Board having to handle all this. Your HOA was a breath of fresh air in that they took on all of these functions at a fair price. Having someone handle all financial transactions was the biggest relief we experienced, but having them travel to our community every couple of weeks to check on on violations and reporting them back to the Board for decisions on how to handle was something we could not have done by ourselves. Architectural requests could now be made to Your HOA which goes back and forth between Your HOA and the homeowner until the homeowner has complied with all the information needed for the Board to make a decision. Then it’s sent on to the Board for review. Whatever decision is made is relayed back to Your HOA and they let the homeowner know of the decision. The Board rarely has to deal directly with the homeowner! Putting together colorful newsletters to the community in the spring and fall as well as helping to coordinate the annual HOA meeting were several other services that again, were nothing our volunteer Board could ever have managed. And the staff has always been very responsive to emails or phone calls. Very nice!! All in all, Your HOA has proven to be a huge asset to our HOA and we would recommend them to any HOA considering contracting with an HOA management company.